Salt Contamination Mitigation: To all residents connected to the Beekmantown water system:  The Town is now hauling water in from the Town of Plattsburgh water line, and we no longer have a violation of chloride or sodium, in fact, the numbers are quite low.  Starting next week, we will no longer be delivering bottled water as there is no need.  This is a temporary fix until a permanent solution is put into place.  I will continue to monitor for chloride and sodium and keep you informed of any changes.  Thank you for you patience.  Rich Bois-Water Plant Operator and the Town of Beekmantown Town Board

Weather in Beekmantown

N-95 masks and test kits available at the Town Hall

The Town has received a limited supply of N-95 masks and test kits.  They are available (2 kits per household) on a first come first serve basis so come by and pick yours up at the Town Hall today.