Water Districts

There are two water districts in our Town.  They are the Route 9/Spellman Road District and the Southeast Beekmantown Water District.   Our Town purchases water from the Town of Plattsburgh's Cumberland Head Water District.  The Town of Plattsburgh maintains our water systems, sets the rates for our water districts, and then bills our Town.

All Water District payments must be made to the Town of Beekmantown.  All checks or money orders MUST be made out to the Town of Beekmantown.

Water System repair service (Town of Plattsburgh Water Department):

          During normal business hours -  Monday through Friday (7am-4pm)
          Call - 518-562-6890

          Emergency repair service -  Weekends or Holidays
          Call - Administrative line @ (518) 561-3370

Billing Questions (Town of Plattsburgh Water Department): 

          During normal business hours - Monday through Friday (8am-4pm)
          Call - 518-562-6890

Water System Connection:  

           Applications are available at the Town Hall.  
                       Residential - $35.00 inspection 
                                            - $25.00 connection 
                       Commercial - Fees will vary.  Contact the Town Clerk for further information.