Dog Owners

General Information for Dog Owners

To license new dog click here!

Dogs must be licensed at four (4) months of age (ALL DOGS-EVEN HOUSE DOGS).

Dog licenses are renewable each year, during the month of original licensing. You will receive the renewal license in the mail from The Beekmantown Town Clerk, and must supply current rabies information when licensing or renewing the license.

Proof of spaying or neutering is also required when licensing the first time, or at renewal after the dog has been spayed/neutered.

Fees are payable to: Beekmantown Town Clerk, 571 Spellman Road, West Chazy, NY 12992

Fee amounts are: $20.00 - Un-spayed or Un-neutered Dog, $ 10.00 - Spayed or Neutered Dog (Proof Required)

If your dog dies, is lost, stolen or you give the dog away to another person. PLEASE NOTIFY the town clerk's office, 563-4650 Ext 2, so our records can be updated.

Town of Beekmantown has a Spay/Neuter Program.  Proof is required.  Dog must be licensed to qualify for this reimbursement.  Bring the spay/neuter certificate to the town office to process the paperwork for your reimbursement.  The payback is as follows: Spay-$20.00, Neuter-$15.00.

Animal Population Control Program, for animals adopted from an approved Pound, Shelter, SPCA, etc. Information available at the animal Shelter, Pound, SPCA or contact the Town Clerk.

The Town of Beekmantown has a DOG CONTROL LAW. Dogs should be on their owners property, or under owners control if off your property. (Be a Considerate Dog Owner. Remember not all people may like dogs on their property or bothering them as they traverse the public roadways of our town).

If your dog should get loose and be picked up the Dog Control Officer. You will be required to pay boarding fees plus, a dog seizure fee of $25.00 to redeem the dog the first time, $50.00 second time, $75.00 third time, in one year. Seized dogs are housed at Palmer Veterinary Clinic.


The Dog Control Officer for the Town of Beekmantown is Jody Perrea. You can reach him with a dog control problem at

(518) 314-9867.